Most but not all of the information in this how-to website pertains to DaCdb, District and Club Database used by Rotary District 5160, If you are not familiar with DaCdb, the best place to begin is the MEMBERS tab and work up from there.

Club officers need to be familiar with the Rotary International Member Access Portal (MAP). That is covered in the SET CLUB GOALS tab in Club Officers

Please send all comments and new information requests to DataDude@Rotary5160.org


Rotary Sources of Information

ContactRotary.org - Managed by the District 5160 Public Information Office
Acquaints the general public with the broad scope of Rotary activities
Encourages the public to contact District 5160 for more information.
All inquiries are passed to the appropriate club or clubs.

Rotary International - Managed by Rotary International
The master source of all information available to Rotary members

Rotary International Member Access Portal (MAP) - Managed by Rotary International
Member-only access
View Club and Rotary Foundation records
Rotary Club Central – Set goals and view Achievements
Rotary Showcase – Share your project with the Rotary community & Facebook friends

Rotary District 5160

Rotary Zone 25/26

Member Access to DaCdb Help Screens are available from the HELP tab

Members Request an Event EZ Link

Members report News

Get an Insurance Certificate