e-Club Make Up

You will need your club secretary’s email so that the e-club can send out the makeup. Get that before starting.

Go to Google and search on Rotary eclub. That brings up eclub one (Chicago) and many others.

Every eclub will be a little different but for this example we chose Rotary eClub of the Southwest http://www.recswusa.org/index

Go to the MEETING tab – either register yourself (if you plan to visit regularly) or register as a guest if this is one time. You will see the field for the club secretary email.

Continue to the meeting. You have the choice of the current meeting or recent past meetings. Skim through the material until you find a topic of interest – read it or view the speaker video.

Ideally you will be on the website for 30 minutes

At the conclusion of the meeting you will be asked to make an optional donation. Then there’s an end of meeting comment box. Just follow the instructions to end the meeting.

The automated system sends your club secretary at the email provided by you. You will also receive a copy. And that’s it!

Here’s a sample of a makeup email. There’s a club logo in the actual email but not displayed here.

Thanks for attending a meeting at the Rotary E-Club of Southwest USA!Meeting attended by: Victor Georgiou
Guest Speaker: Terri Nicole Sawyer
Speaker Topic: The Village Run – It takes a Village to Raise a ChildThis participant has complied with Rotary’s standard for a meeting make-up.